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“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman


At Al Farashi we have one focus - to deliver a professional, friendly and reliable service, tailored to your individual needs.


We like to think of ourselves as a business that is as unique as our clients. Before going on to the elaboration of your order will discuss with you what you’re looking to achieve from our services and how we can deliver to your requirements and timescales. This is just the first step in providing our tailor made service, as we understand that all our clients are individuals.


As a standard our products are constructed in an innovative way and we never use inferior materials and constructions. Every product is individually crafted from a unique pattern and hand-finished using only the finest materials to achieve luxurious comfort and fit.




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“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Our crafts’ components

We use products which are environmentally friendly and do not disturb the ecological balance of our planet!


We are using a high-standard poached silk and satin and/or eco leather which does not lose its qualities over time. The applied temperature treatments help slowing down the textile ageing and color change thus assuring best quality for many years ahead. The textile is imported from France, Italy and Germany.


The threads we use in our production are the best in its class, resistant to temperature, dampness and light and not changing their structure and look. They are appropriate for the climate, ecologically clean and not harmful for people’s health so they can be used in closed places such as your home, offices, hotels, etc.The companies we are working with and which import the threads from Germany are “Amann” and “Medeira” – companies with many years’ experience and proved high quality and reputation on the market.

Crystals and glues

To give a final touch of glamour and fine finishing of our work we use crystals for decoration imported from the world famous Swarovski’s factory in The Czech Republic.​ The used glues are also very high quality and ecologically clean, imported from Germany.


For our outstanding and unique models we collaborate with computer specialists and designers – great professionals who are working with our company for many years. They create the esthetical, pleasing and charming look of our elements.For the production of our work we use top branded German ZSK machines.


For shaping the final product a 100% handwork is applied for the cutting, fusing, sticking and decorating with crystals – tasks which make our products 70% handmade.